Vision and Mission


Vision and mission

The vision from which the strategy stems and the message it carries is to achieve the following goals: 

First: achieving the general health goal, and reaching the best possible level of health for the population by improving health and reducing rates of disease, disability, and death. 

Second: Achieving the goal of the health system set by (Article Two) of the system by ensuring the provision of comprehensive, integrated health care to all residents, and facilitating access to it and providing it in a fair, good, and safe manner.

General strategic objectives​

Developing health information systems, introducing the latest technologies, and expanding their use in all health sectors and facilities. 

Developing the workforce and localizing health jobs. 

Improving quality and raising the efficiency of performance and management and operation systems. 

Activating the role of the Ministry of Health in supervising and monitoring performance, developing health policies and ensuring the provision of health services to all population groups, with each health authority playing its specific role in providing health services.

​Supporting the role of the private sector and considering it parallel and integrated with the role of the state in financing, operating and providing health services. 

Promoting health in its comprehensive sense by ensuring and developing primary health care activities. 

Raise the efficiency of emergency medical services to the greatest extent possible in all circumstances and in all regions. 

Providing and developing therapeutic and rehabilitative care and establishing reference health services in the regions to support it. 

Work on a balanced distribution of health services geographically and demographically.​