Strategic Foundations


​​​Strategic foundations​

​It is preferable to look at the strategic foundations that he is currently working on, as there are some initiatives in the transformation program that can replace them​

The first strategic basis is financing

Objective: Adopting the approach of multiple sources of financing health activities in addition to the state’s general budget resources. While working to increase financial resources. And rationalize spending. And raise the efficiency of health care activities and services and meet the requirements of the steady increase in demand for this service.​

The second strategic foundation: information systems and information technology in health sectors

Objective: Providing modern health, administrative and financial systems and databases supported by advanced technologies. Placing this among the priorities of every health authority. And allocating funds for this while working to constantly develop them, obtain them, and regulate their flow at all levels in a way that serves the rationalization of the service, its performance, and increases its efficiency, and supports the processes of planning, supervision, evaluation, monitoring, quality assurance, and coordination between sectors.

The third strategic basis: the workforce and preserving their rights

Objective: Preparing and developing the health workforce in quantity and quality. In order to achieve the highest quality and most efficient use for the health sector. And reaching the stage of approaching self-sufficiency in the national workforce. Ensure good training and preparation for expatriate workers.

The fourth strategic foundation: management and operation

Objective: Developing management and operating systems in health facilities to suit the nature of health services in that they are vital, direct, and require rapid decision-making and efficient performance. Reducing procedures for the purpose of providing the service and evaluating it in a good and effective manner.

The fifth strategic basis: The role of the Ministry of Health and other government health agencies

Objective: The Ministry of Health performs the tasks specified by the health system as the entity responsible for providing health care. The branches and bodies associated with the Ministry, as well as other health authorities, assist the Ministry in providing health care through the specific responsibilities assigned to each of them.

The Sixth strategic foundation: the private sector

Objective: Strengthening the role of the private sector in the health system by achieving full integration with the government sector in providing health services. And participate in the establishment, management and operation of health service facilities and health development projects.

The Seventh strategic foundation: primary health care​

Objective: To consider primary health care services provided by the Ministry of Health and other health sectors - including the private sector - as the cornerstone of the health system. And develop its activities so that they are comprehensive and integrated. And raising its competencies to achieve the satisfaction of its beneficiaries. And distributed in a balanced manner. And facilitating access to them for all members of society, regardless of the method of financing or the entity that provides these services.

​The eighth strategic foundation: Ambulance services​

Objective: Raising the level of efficiency of emergency medical services so that they cover all tasks and activities. It meets needs in both normal and disaster situations. This is done through a national ambulance and emergency system that ensures rapid and effective dealing with (emergency cases) and optimal utilization of resources through the participation of existing health facilities in all governmental and private health sectors. He coordinates its activities and events​

The Ninth strategic foundation: therapeutic and rehabilitative care 

Objective: To prepare hospitals to provide the highest possible medical diagnostic and therapeutic service according to the level of service for each hospital and to make it available to patients in terms of its availability, quality, and geographical and demographic distribution, enabling them to obtain it and refer to it when needed. Developing rehabilitation care in its comprehensive sense to meet the necessary rehabilitation requirements for various types of disabilities and all age groups, making it available in all regions and ensuring its quality. And creating preventive programs to promote health in the community.

The tenth strategic foundation: distribution of health services​

Objective: Achieving a balanced distribution of health services, including specialized services, geographically and demographically, to meet the real health needs of all individuals and groups of society in all regions of the Kingdom. So that the required service is close to the reach of those who need it. It is easy to obtain and works to reduce differences to the minimum possible in population service equations between regions, taking into account the participation of all sectors in the health service provision network. According to standards approved by the Saudi Health Council and its implementation is followed up.

The eleventh strategic foundation: Ensuring the quality and efficiency of health services

performance and evaluating them periodically

Objective: Providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services that are adequate in quantity and quality. And perform it efficiently. And ensuring the appropriate qualification of workers in health care centers and institutions to meet health work requirements.

The twelfth strategic foundation: protecting patients and preserving their rights

Objective: Preserving patients’ rights and protecting them from incorrect health practices. Ensure that health practitioners adhere to ethics and correct health practices.