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The evolution of the current council from what was previously called the Health Services Coordination Council, which was established in 1423 AH, is an important shift to include the development and development of regulations. health and reduce disease, disability and death rates. The Council also works on setting regulations that help provide high-quality health services in easy and safe ways that prevent duplication of spending and waste of resources and achieve justice in the distribution of health services. The Council works with the relevant health sectors and authorities to implement programs that contribute to health promotion.


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Achievement is our style of performance, and our culture of good work and achieving goals with perfection.


Our transparency in dealing, communication and knowledge exchange is an inherent value of our credibility.


We are committed to our responsibility to enable the renaissance of the nation and achieve its vision, with foresight and planning


We are aware of the importance of our role in serving our partners to meet their needs and achieve their goals.


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